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You are a veteran priest from the Proselytizers' Order.

Your Order's mission is to help mankind colonize new planets to spread the Religion. Of course aliens must convert or die.

Your Order doesn't like your eagerness for destruction but they need you on a distant world.

You are freshly debarked at this dangerous place. They gave you a dying ship you'll have to improve. The bloody routine? Yes… until an event blast your faith away.

Future versions

One month is short and Proselytizer only offers a part of what it could become.

If the game has some success I will create new zones, develop the story and improve the overall experience.

Thank you for your support and your feedback!


English is not my mother tongue. If you find spelling errors or strange sentences please tell me!

Enjoy the game and do not hesitate to contact me!


Do You like the game? It needs your help, spread the faith!